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Name, aims, membership, meetings, management, and finances of DEMHIST are defined and established by the statutes.
The statutes of DEMHIST were adopted at the plenary meeting held in Peterhof/Russia in 1999. To adapt them to the new ICOM statutes and rules, they were amended by the General Assembly in Los Angeles 2012.

Governance 2

Strategic Plan


The current DEMHIST strategic plan is based on:

  • Organising an annual conference and publishing abstracts of the papers
  • Encouraging existing and new national working groups
  • Supporting events on subjects of interest to DEMHIST
  • Training for young and new professionals
  • Strengthening DEMHIST social media platforms


DEMHIST logo represents the identity of this international committee and it is intellectual property owned by ICOM. Letting others use our logo can give the impression that DEMHIST endorses them. That is why we should be careful about its use.


Rules for using the DEMHIST logo


  • DEMHIST Members can use the logo for communication and printed materials. All other uses, such as affiliated events, need to be authorised by the DEMHIST Board. Please contact the DEMHIST Secretary at;
  • The logo proportions should not be distorted. The colours and text cannot be changed or edited. The image cannot be pixelated. Please, read the ICOM Graphic Chart;
  • Permission to use the DEMHIST logo does not include permission to use ICOM’s. Please contact ICOM at


Download DEMHIST Logo Graphic Chart


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General Assemblies


The General Assembly of DEMHIST takes place every year, at the annual conference. It approves the minutes, the reports and the budget of DEMHIST, votes on conference venues and titles as well as on projects.
Every third year, the General Assembly elects the Board. The next Board Election will take place in 2020.
The General Assemblies of DEMHIST are prepared by the agenda and documented by the minutes.


The General Assemblies of DEMHIST are prepared by the agenda and documented by the minutes.

  • General Assembly London 2017   Governance 13
  • General Assembly Milan 2016   Governance 13
  • General Assembly Mexico City 2015   Governance 13
  • General Assembly Compiègne 2014   Governance 13
  • General Assembly Rio de Janeiro 2013   Governance 13
  • General Assembly Los Angeles 2012   Governance 13
  • General Assembly Antwerp 2011   Governance 13
  • General Assembly Shanghai 2010   Governance 13
  • General Assembly Sand 2009   Governance 13
  • General Assembly Bogotá 2008   Governance 13
  • General Assembly Vienna 2007   Governance 13
  • General Assembly Malta 2006   Governance 13

DEMHIST Board members must be voting members of DEMHIST in good standing when candidacy is submitted.

Elections to the DEMHIST Board shall be held every third year.

Next Board election will be held in October 2020.