Gammel Estrup

Auning, Denmark

Gammel Estrup – The Danish Manor Museum is Denmark’s leading manor house and estate museum. The museum was founded in 1930, and its activities include the preservation and development of Gammel Estrup Manor as well as research and presentation of the history of Danish manors in general.

The museum undertakes research  of all aspects of manors, including architecture and landscape, culture and history, agriculture and economy – both in a national and an international perspective.

During a visit to Gammel Estrup Manor you can discover how masters and servants lived through 600 years as you walk through stunning halls and elegant rooms where counts and countesses lived through the centuries. These public spaces can be compared to the manor kitchen, where original recipes are baked during all school holidays and in the period before Christmas.

The beautiful baroque gardens are open to the public and children can explore the large nature playground. Several themed exhibitions are staged throughout the year and there are special activities for children during all school holidays.