DEMHIST holds conferences at least once a year, in various places. These conferences offer a platform to raise and discuss professional issues. DEMHIST has developed guidelines for hosts and an evaluation form for participants of its meetings.
DEMHIST also keeps its members informed about relevant conferences by other organizations.
ICOM offers grants to young members who want to participate in an international committee meeting such as DEMHIST. (For more information please go to GRANTS)


Guidelines and Evaluation Form

If you wish to organize a DEMHIST meeting, you can find information about the necessary tasks and procedures in our conference guidelines

General Assemblies

The DEMHIST General Assembly takes place once a year at the Annual Conference. It approves the minutes, the reports and the budget of DEMHIST; votes on conference venues and topics as well as on future projects.
Every third year, the General Assembly elects the Board. The next Board Election will take place in 2020.
The DEMHIST General Assemblies follow a published agenda and are documented by the minutes.


october 2021

04octalldayOnline, 4th October 2021Sustainability

august 2022

20augalldayPrague, Czech Republic, 20 - 27 August 2022The Power of Museums


october 2002

14octalldayAmsterdam, 14-16 October 2002Historic House Museums as witness of National and Local Identities

october 2003

08octalldayLenzburg, 8-10 October 2003Facing and solving problems of Historic House Museums, examples and models

september 2004

02sepalldayBerlin, 2-4 September 2004Rooms with a view. Historic House Museums and their surroundings

october 2005

12octalldayLisbon, 12-14 October 2005Safe Keepers of memory: Conservation of buildings and their collections

october 2006

10octalldayValletta, 10-13 October 2006Managing the Past for the Future. Sustaining Historic House Museums in the 21st Century

august 2007

20augalldayVienna/Austria, 20-22 August 2007A Kingdom for a House! Historic House Museums as Local, Regional and Universal Heritage

september 2008

21sepalldayBogota/Colombia , 21 - 24 September 2008Historic House Museums as a Bridge between Individual and Community

june 2009

19junalldayStavanger/Norway , 19 - 24 June 2009Historic Houses as Documents of Social Life and Traditional Skills

april 2010

21apralldayBrno, Czech Republic, 21-24 April 2010 (with ICDAD)National - International. Art and politics in houses and interiors of the 20th century

november 2010

09novalldayShanghai/China, 9 November 2010 (with ICDAD, ICFA and GLASS)From Silk Road to Container Ship. Artefacts, environment and cultural transfer

october 2011

17octalldayAntwerp/Belgium, 17-20 October 2011Catching the Spirit. Managing and communicating the theatrical assets of Historic Houses

november 2012

06novalldayLos Angeles/USA, 6-9 November 2012The Artifact, its Context and their Narrative. Multidisciplinary Conservation in Historic House Museums

august 2013

12augalldayRio de Janeiro/Brazil, 12-17 August 2013 (with GLASS, ICDAD and ICFA)Places for Reflection. Historic House Museums as Connectors of Cultures, Times, People and Social Groups

october 2014

07octalldayCompiègne/France, 7-10 October 2014 (with the Association of European Royal Residences)Authenticity in Conservation of Historic House Museums and Palaces

october 2015

19octalldayMexico City/Mexico, 19-21 October 2015The legacy of House Museums promoting dialogue among Generations

july 2016

03julalldayMilan, 3-9 July 2016 - House Museums and the Interpretation of the Cultural Social Urban Landscape

october 2017

14octalldayLondon, 14-17 October 2017Are we trying hard enough? Making museums and historic houses relevant to audiences in the twenty- first centuryMaking museums and historic houses relevant to audiences in the twenty- first century

october 2018

10octalldayBaku, 10-12 October 2018

may 2019

02mayalldayGuimarães, Portugal, 2-4 May 2019ICOM-Europa seminar in cooperation with DEMHIST-Portugal.

september 2019

01sepalldayKyoto, 1-7 September 2019House Museums as Cultural Hubs – The future of tradition in a global context


Soon... Please be patient.

A key part of the DEMHIST strategy is to encourage and support national groups to provide more easily accessible activities that are relevant to members in those locations, and to increase membership. Our National Groups continue to grow in strength and we now have active groups in Italy, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey and in Israel.

Soon... Please be patient.