Marble Palace Leader Museum

Skanes, Monastir, Tunisia

The Marble Palace Leader Museum is located in Skanes (Monastir- Tunisia). It was the summer residence of Leader Habib Bourguiba (1903-2000), the first president of the Republic of Tunisia (1957-1987). The Palace was inaugurated on 3 August 1962. Habib Bourguiba commissioned the architect Olivier Clement Cacoub to design the palace. The interior design and decoration is by Maxim Old, André Leleu and Raphael. The palace was deserted from 1987 to 1998, when its conservation and renovation began. On 6 April 2013 the museum was opened to the public and given the name “Leader Museum”.

The Palace is spread over three floors. On the ground floor is with the morocco lounge and press room The first floor is divided into two areas: the public space where we find the Meeting room and the Conference room and the private space where we find the bedrooms and the private office. On the second floor the bedroom of Habib Bourguiba’s daughter Hajer. The palace is surrounded gardens and fountains.