Palazzo Maffei House Museum

Verona, Italy

Palazzo Maffei House Museum is a new point of reference for art lovers, an eclectic path between artworks that go through more than two thousand years of history, with more than 600 works united by a kaleidoscopic passion for collecting.
Authentic masterpieces of modern and contemporary art and the great masters of the twentieth century: from Picasso to de Chirico, from Magritte to Kandinsky and Warhol, as well as Fontana, Burri and Manzoni. An important focus Italian Futurism, Metaphysics and on Veronese and Veneto painters from the fourteenth until the nineteenth century. In Verona, in the heart of the city, Palazzo Maffei House Museum offers visitors, in the atmosphere of a private home, a journey with a “double soul”, between ancient and modern, a dialogue between the arts: painting, sculpture, applied arts and architecture.