El Porvenir Casa Museo Feliciano Bejar

Michoacán, Mexico

Feliciano Béjar Ruíz (1920 – February 1, 2007) was a Mexican artist and artisan, best known for a style of sculpture called “magiscopios” which involved various materials along with crystals and/or lenses to play with light or create distorted visions. The Casa Museo Feliciano Bejar includes a number of houses within a compound that celebrate his life. The eight showrooms recreate Bejar’s rooms, a central patio, and 3 window displays to show art collections.  

The Casa Zaragoza, recreates the family atmosphere showing its paintings and “magiscopios”, that define Feliciano Bejar as an international and van guard artist.  

The Casa Atrio includes Bejar´s family store. Several rooms in this house are used to develop and promote music, painting, literature and “rebocería” lessons. The parents’ bedroom and dining room have been preserved. Six rooms exhibit 40 mexican paintings (1945-1968).  

El Porvenir offers multiple cultural activities and guided tours.