Villa Stuck

Munich, Germany

The Villa Franz von Stucks (built 1897/1898) combines luxurious room arrangements, a representative artist’s studio and private living. Villa Stuck was celebrated by his contemporaries as a “modern”, albeit idiosyncratic, sensation. At the Paris World Exhibition in 1900, the furniture that the artist had specially designed for his villa was awarded a gold medal. The artist’s villa was completed in 1915 with a new, spacious studio building. At the rear of the villa there is an artist’s garden, which combines Pompeian models with works of art from the 19th century.

The overarching principle of the artist’s villa is the total work of art in which life, architecture, art, music and theater are combined. Against this background, the current programs at Villa Stuck address the artistic and cultural diversity of the 19th to 21st centuries.

The Museum Villa Stuck has been a museum of the City of Munich since 1992 and as such a foundation of the City of Munich with a donation from Hans Joachim and Amélie Ziersch.